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Kat Eldred asks, “Why Knot?”

When asked whether Kat would be interested in selling some of her first skeins of yarn, she responded, “Sure, why not?” This response evolved into the name of her business, Why Knot Fibers, just a few years later. Today, Kat offers her hand-spun, and hand-dyed wool along with other finished products for sale on an Etsy site, at a local retail location (Wool & Honey in Cedar, MI) and through word of mouth business.

At the third of our Wool to Market sessions, Kat demonstrated prepping the carded wool for spinning, use of the drop spindle and spinning wheel, plying techniques, how to wind off a skein of yarn, and talked about marketing your finished products. We are hugely appreciative of the knowledge shared by Kat and explored by participants (and ducks).